Carly O’Neill
Features Editor

To kick off Homecoming week, Millersville held Fall Fest Events’s mobile haunted attraction on Monday outside the Student Memorial Center from 4-8 p.m. Although this terror vehicle might seem small on the outside, participants spend 5-7 minutes walking through 120 ft. of low visibility, visual effects, and claustrophobic scenarios, trying to escape being “buried alive.”

When first entering the attraction you immediately have to duck and stay close to your group or you’ll be left cramped, trying to feel your way through the dark open grave. Around the first corner of the trailer, participants are met with a jump scare, as the ghoulish looking actor directed our group to an enclosed area, shouting “sit down!”

After the door was closed we were left squinting in the darkness as strobe lights surrounded us and our seats started to give way. For two to three minutes, me and three others were gripping to the sides of our seats to stay on as they thumped around, and sporadic bursts of air were shot at our legs. 

Next we were forced onward as smells of the “undead” made us cringe, as we walked towards an even more claustrophobic corridor. The four of us fought our way through two compressed, air-filled black walls, while blasts of heat were testing our scare capacity. At this point I was ready for the relief of a glowing red exit sign, but instead as I turned the corner, there was a red-dressed clown laughing in our faces. 

Through the sound of my heart racing, I kept thinking to myself “how the heck did they fit all this in a little trailer?” Finally after having more bursts of air shot at our faces, my group and I were consoled with the light from outside, confirming we had escaped the grips of the dead.

The three other Millersville students who walked through the haunted trailer with me gave their insight on the overall experience.

“It was surprisingly scary. They did a good job with the small space they had inside the trailer. I had a lot of fun and would definitely do it again,” said David Milam.

“I was pretty fun, but scary at the same time, it got me off guard a couple times. It wasn’t too bad; it was survivable,” said Gabriela Mejia. 

The jump scare at the end of the attraction scared her the most, since she is not a fan of clowns, “at all!”

“I didn’t think it was that scary…I did not like where you had to squeeze through, because I’m claustrophobic so that kind of freaked me out. That was the scariest part and I wasn’t even expecting that,” said Connor Pearson. 

The consensus of the group was split in reviewing the attraction, since only half of us would be willing to go through it again, me not included.