Overcast weather foreshadows homecoming loss

The Marauders did not impress a homecoming crowd last Saturday loosing 34-10 to Shepard. Photo courtesy of MU Athletics.

Caleb Wolfe
Staff Writer

Millersville’s annual homecoming football game was held this past Saturday. The Marauders faced off against the Rams of Shepherd University. While the weather brought light showers throughout the event, many Millersville students and alumni were in attendance. However, the support of the crowd would not be enough to carry the team towards a win.

The Rams started the game with the ball, and immediately shifted the momentum in their favor as they quickly drove down the field and scored a touchdown on a pass from the red-zone.  The Marauders ended their first drive with a three-and-out. In a moment of Déjà Vu the Rams quickly drove down the field again, and scored another touchdown on a pass from the red-zone again.  

However, the Marauders were able to break this cycle by successfully getting their offense into the red zone as well, but a failed fourth down conversion gave the ball back into the hands of the Rams.  The first quarter would then end with a score of 14-0.

The second quarter would see a brief moment of excitement as the Rams muffed a punt, and the fumble was recovered by the Marauders at the Rams’ 19 yard line.  The offense would eventually settle for a field goal, and score their first points of the game.  

This turn of good fortune was short lived, as the next two possessions for the Marauders ended in interceptions: one in the red-zone and another in the end zone.  The Rams would capitalize on the mistake the second time around, scoring on a short touchdown run, and ending the first half with a score of 3-21.

The third quarter began with a Marauder punt, and a Rams field goal.  The Rams would then go on to drive down the field on their next possession, but fumbled the ball deep into Marauder territory on the 12 yard line.  The Marauders would almost immediately give the ball back to the Rams though, as an interception was thrown on the Marauder 30-yard-line.  

The Rams used this second chance, and good field positioning, to score a touchdown run at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Later the Rams would throw a deep pass into the red-zone, and end the drive with a field goal. After both teams were forced to punt on their next possession, the Marauders would get the ball back for one last drive. 

At this point backup quarterback Miles Miller had been removed from the game due to an injury. He had thrown for 120 yards and three interceptions before this sudden departure. With no healthy quarterbacks remaining wide receiver Evan Morrill was put in at the quarterback position. Morrill led the team down the field, and he was able to throw a 17 yard touchdown pass to Drew Schwindenhammer before the end of the game.

Coach J.C. Morgan had warm remarks for Morrill’s performance, “Evan is an all-around athlete and will do whatever is asked of him. He was our best option after Miles went down.  He was able to throw a touchdown pass and I’m sure he’ll relish that. For him to do it as a true quarterback, I’m sure he’ll carry that with him for a while.”

 The final score marked 34-10, a Marauders loss that very well could have been worse if the Rams did not have two touchdown plays removed via holding penalties (both of those drives would later fail to score).  

The Marauders remain at home this Saturday as they face an easier opponent in the Bloomsburg Huskies. The game is set to begin at 12:00 p.m.