Jared Kish
Sports Editor

Marauder senior Kay Liebl was back at it again scoring two goals against Shepherd this past Saturday as the women’s soccer team proves once again, they are here to wreak havoc all over the PSAC this season.

 Millersville’s offense came out looking for blood days after Halloween and by out shooting Shepherd 32-5, the Marauders easily cruised to a 4-0 shutout victory over the Rams.

After scoring a hat trick in Millersville’s previous game with Mansfield last Wednesday, Liebl followed up that performance with two more goals of her own on Saturday, pushing her total to five in two games. She also managed to fire off six shots total, four being on goal, and had one assists to go along with what was another outstanding performance from the Millersville senior.

Though Liebl has put the team on her back the past two games, the work of other Marauders can’t go unnoticed.

In the 4th minute of what was still a young soccer game, the Marauders earned a corner kick. Liebl used her power to kick the ball from the corner to the near side post. As the ball bounced off a multitude of players, Marauder Kylie Sullivan gained control of the ball and found the back of the net to open the scoring for Millersville.

For the next 33 minutes the game remained at a 1-0 stand still until Liebl held the ball in the left side of the box. Teammate Morgan Winchock came sprinting in from the top of the box and Liebl very efficiently, past the ball to Winchock. As the ball rolled over to Winchock, she fired off a rocket that deflected off a defender and into the goal, giving the Marauders a 2-0 lead with eight minutes until halftime.

The second half is where Liebl shined with two goals of her own. However, another Marauder had a heavy impact on the game.

Though junior Lauren Downey did not score any points, she did cause trouble for the Shepherd defense. Taking aim six times at the goal with half of her shots being on goal, Downey was able to maneuver her way through the opposing defense, leaving Shepherd dumbfounded and wondering how do we stop her?

The Marauders win over the Rams further proved the narrative that Millersville women’s soccer has played fabulous all year, but it’s important to note that the same can’t be said about Shepherd. 

The Rams have mustered only one win so far this year and have a record of 1-14-2, yikes! The record for the Rams may be bad, but the numbers puts the icing on the cake. Shepherd only managed to get five shots on goal compared to Millersville’s 15. The Rams also lost the corners battle as Millersville was rewarded 10 corners compared to Shepherd’s two, and when you’re out shot 32-5 by the opposing team, odds are, a loss is being handed your way.

Saturday hasn’t been the only day that Millersville has dominated Shepherd as the all-time record is increased to 6-1 in the Marauders favor.

The shut-out gives Millersville a total of ten on the year and the record all time for the Marauders is 12 in one season. With two games left on the slate, Liebl and her teammates will push hard to tie the schools record.

Millersville can easily take their foot off the gas with their final two games of the year against East Stroudsburg and Bloomsburg having already clinched a playoff spot, but we know that isn’t going to happen.

As the Marauders take the field Wednesday Nov. 6th and Saturday Nov. 9th to wrap up their season, look for them to keep the petal to the metal enroot to what is hopefully going to be a deep playoff push.