Joan Rittberg
Arts & Culture Editor

As the temperatures grow colder, and winter coats come out, food lovers can rejoice, as it is fall. Fall is a souperior time of year, from the comforting nostalgic, chicken noodle and tomato soup, regional favorite, chicken corn soup and the wonderfully savory, broccoli cheddar, there is a soup to satisfy every palette.

A beloved soup will always be the baked potato. Wonderfully hearty and full of flavor, this particular dish literally brings home the bacon.  With a velvety broth and hopefully tenderly cooked potatoes inside this one is always perfect for a cold day. It is filling as well making it appropriate for a whole meal. Another favorite is french onion, this much loved classic is a welcome lesson in simplicity done right. With a mouthwatering broth of meat stock, onions (obviously), and a generous layer on top, this one is another culinary classic.

Broccoli cheddar has also become a delicious winter time classic. Although it can be difficult to get the balance of cheese, broccoli and seasonings right. When done well this soup is a work of cheesy beauty. Clam chowders can also be very comforting as well, although the broth has to be done right with tender pieces of fish throughout.

Tomato soups while popular, have a surprising amount of variations. Tomato basil is always a winner especially with fresh spices implemented. Tomato Florentine can also be especially delicious with its inclusion of fresh spinach. Tomato soups are a prime example of how one type subset of soup can bring so many creative variations.

Italian soups are also delightful. An Italian wedding soup with thin orzo pasta, vegetables, meatballs and a soothing chicken based broth, this one is a perfect blend of flavors. Altogether comforting and elegant, it is one of the most iconic Italian soups. Two other popular ones are pasta fagioli and minestrone, which while largely tomato based are incredibly comforting with fresh pasta and vegetables cooked inside, they are two of the most comforting of the fall season. Italian soups manage to be rustic and flavorful while also endlessly irresistible. 

Other favorites that are more international include pho from Vietnam and miso soup from Japan. Whether some may prefer, the more traditional, chicken noodle or vegetable soup or something more robust like chicken tortilla, soup continues to be a dish that brings others together in cold times. It is truly a special  comfort food.