Kat Delaney
Associate Photography Editor

It’s officially fall which means it’s time to break out the sweaters and corduroy. With the fashionable clothes coming out of the closet, it’s time to show off how cute you and your campus are this season. 

Millersville has a bunch of fabulous photoshoot locations around campus. A personal favorite of mine is the little garden area, which is off the path to the pond, hidden behind the old dining hall and Wickersham buildings. This hidden gem is perfect for showing off your fall colors. Everyone is going to be posting photos by the pond, but if you go just off the side with the little path, you can get that cute foliage photo. Also, all the colorful fallen leaves make for a great Instagram-quality photo location. 

The Old Library is a good go-to with the stain glass windows and dynamic building as a background for you to show off your cute new academia aesthetic. Of course, the McNairy Library is great if you want a more modern feel to your page. 

A spot that never fails for a good sunset picture is right by the dorms, giving you that dreamy sunset-quality photo. 

Remember, Millersville is just as awesome as you, so all that really matters is finding your light, hitting that angle, and feeling yourself to get that guaranteed cute look.