MU holds their own against undefeated Kutztown

Kevon Newerls awaits the ball to be snapped. Photo courtesy of MU Athletics.

Caleb Wolfe
Staff Writer

Millersville Football competed against the undefeated, and fifteenth nationally ranked, Kutztown Golden Bears last Saturday. What should have been a blowout was instead one of the higher scoring losses for the Marauders this season.

In fact, the first drive of the game saw an amazing start for the Marauders. The offense drove down the field and scored a 40 yard touchdown pass from Shank to Newerls. However on the first play of their second possession, Colin Shank was hit hard.

This caused him to lose the football, and go down on the field with an injury that removed him from the game. In his absence the offense struggled, and the defense allowed two touchdowns.

For the majority of the second quarter neither offense could breach the end-zone. Both teams were only able to kick a single field goal each.Then with less than two minutes on the clock the Golden Bears scored a short touchdown pass, which added to their 24-10 lead at the end of the first half.  

The Marauder offense continued to struggle in the third quarter, as they were unable to score.  Meanwhile the Golden Bears were able to drive down the field and score a short running touchdown. The only consolation for the Marauders would be a blocked extra-point.

Then in the fourth quarter the Marauders turned the ball over deep in their own territory, which set the Golden Bears up to score another short running touchdown. After their first possession the Marauders offense had a primarily stagnant game, yet coincidentally they were able to find success on their last possession of the game.

After a short drive of 21-yards, Evan Morrill powered a 14-yard run into the end-zone. The Golden Bears would then run out the clock, and leave 37-17 as the final score.

Though the loss is another tough blow for the team, and injuries once again played a factor in such, coach J.C. Morgan kept his head held high, “We have to find a way to rise above it.  We played hard but didn’t have a lot offensively after Bear went down. But they played hard. Even the last drive, finding a way to get in, muscling it in the end zone was good to see.”

Wide receiver Evan Morrill had a notable game, as he played four different positions throughout the matchup. Alongside his normal position he played quarterback, running back, and long snapper as well.  

Coach J.C. Morgan had something to say about the senior athlete as well, “He’ll do anything for the team.  That’s what we love about him. He was running around on third down then snapping the ball for a punt. He scores a touchdown then short snaps for the PAT. It’s great to have somebody like him. The one thing that gets lost a little bit is him moving around and playing different positions, it’s helped his understanding of the offense and that will be big for him moving forward as a wide receiver.” 

The Marauders head home for their final game of the season, as they host the Mercyhurst Lakers. Kickoff is set to begin at 12:00 p.m Saturday.