Jared Kish
Sports Editor

Week 10 of the NFL saw the battle of big brother versus little brother with the New York Giants taking on the New York Jets, in what would be the battle of supremacy for New York football. 

Neither fan base has been happy with their teams this year, but expectations weren’t high to begin with. However, the Jets came into the game as the worst team in football coming off a loss to Miami, and the Giants responded with “hold my beer.” 

In a 34-27 loss to the Jets in the Meadowlands on Sunday, the Giants need to re-evaluate themselves. Not only does the loss show the incompetence of head coach Pat Shurmur, the problems for the Giants that have been consistent throughout the season, really shined against Adam Gase and the hapless Jets. 

When rookie quarterback Daniel Jones was drafted, Giants fans were calling for GM Dave Gentleman’s head. However, all things considering, Jones arguably played his best game of the season against the Jets going 26-40 with 308 yards and four touchdown passes. 

Despite the good play from Jones Sunday, he is still mightily struggling with hanging onto the football. In the third quarter, Jets safety Jamal Adams blitzed the Giants QB and ripped the ball out of Jones’ hands and returned it 25 yards for a touchdown. It was the eighth time Jones had fumbled the football in his last four games. 

I understand Jones is a rookie and with that comes growing pains, but this isn’t a pain anymore. This is a full-on flesh wound that is bleeding profusely and the Giants can’t seem to stitch it shut. 

The coaching staff needs to find a remedy to cure Jones’s butterfingers but that was the least of their problems on Sunday afternoon. 

For the second week in a row, Saquon Barkley had minimal if not no impact on the game. The generational talent that is Barkley, managed to only rush for one yard on 13 carries against the Jets. The Giants running back has failed to even come close to his rookie season and has simply regressed. 

Barkley was seen leaving the X-Ray room after the game and when asked if he was X-Rayed, he answered with “next question.” It is clear that Barkley is a mess, frustrated, and his ankle is still bothering him, but if he isn’t 100%, the Giants need to shut him down. There is absolutely no reason to risk further injury with Barkley on a 2-8 team that is abysmal. 

Pat Shurmur’s seat is definitely hot, but the one seat that is flaming is defensive coordinators James Bettcher. Somehow, someway, the Giants defense gave up 27 points to a Jet offense whose quarterback was “seeing ghosts” two weeks ago. What’s even worse, is the Giants defense made the Jets offense look like a well-oiled machine which is enough to question Bettcher’s job in its own right. 

It would be easy for the Giants to use Bettcher as the scapegoat firing this week, but there is no question if that were to happen, the firing would be totally justified. 

The Jets points total for the season are 16, 3, 14, 6, 24, 0, 15, 18, and now 34. Previously, the Jets have managed to only score eight offensive touchdowns through their first eight games. For those people who struggle in math, Gang Green’s offense averages one touchdown per game. They scored four offensive touchdowns against the Giants defense. If that alone isn’t enough to get Bettcher fired, I don’t know what else the Giants front office needs to see.  

These defensive numbers against the Jets don’t tell the whole story but tell you what you need to know. Bettcher’s defense this season has given up 289 total points in 10 games. That means the defense allows on average 28.9 points a game. They are on pace to give up 462 points which would be the most the franchise has given up in 53 years. 

Granted Bettcher was dealt a bad hand of players mixed between veterans and rookies, but if DeAndre Baker’s play throughout the first 10 weeks tells you anything about Bettcher’s coaching, it is simply that he can’t. 

The same problems amongst the Giants defense have been apparent week after week. It’s on Bettcher to correct them and he hasn’t. The corners are getting beat right off the line, the safeties are allowing huge 50-60-yard plays, and the defense as a whole can’t tackle to save their life. For those reasons, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to question Bettcher’s job. 

As much as Giants fans call for it, Shurmur won’t be fired in season. If anything, he’ll be gone at the end of the year. Which he rightfully should be, the man is 7-19 in his tenure with Big Blue and his play calling is atrocious. 

Shurmur decided he would waste all his timeouts with four minutes left in the fourth quarter. The Giants then found themselves in a 4th and 1 and ended up punting the ball away on their own 39-yard line. In that situation, it shouldn’t even be a question you go for it there. If you don’t get it, so be it, but if you do your still alive. Instead the Giants received the ball back with seconds left as the clock just ran out.  

The Giants head coach stressed urgency going into the game with the Jets. What urgency did this team show? They came out flatter than a pancake and completely flopped. Shurmur also continues to reiterate that despite losing every week, the Giants are on the right path. 

“Because I think I’m seeing the things that will help us in the long run. Certainly, we haven’t done enough in the short run. We’re all going to see now, all of these young players, we’re going to get to see them develop as we go forward.” Shurmur said after the game. 

But the thing is Pat, fans don’t want to see the long run, they want to see changes in the short run. The Giants clearly haven’t done enough in the short run and one change that will be made in the long run is that Shurmur won’t be the coach. 

The New York Stinkin Giants have turned into the New York Pathetic Giants and there is absolutely no doubt that this is the lowest of lows for a team that has been sad for the past three years. 

Bill Parcells is probably sitting back every week laughing at this dreadful team reminiscing about the two Giants teams he brought to the height of glory. Shurmur is nowhere near the level of Parcells and their names shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence, but to gain a little more credibility Shurmur, here’s a tip. Go into the bye reevaluating your team and your scheme and come out on Nov. 24th in Chicago showing that you are deserving of being the head coach of the New York Giants.