Kat Virula

News Editor

Exciting news for active moviegoers! A new movie theater just opened on the night of Nov. 8th, and it offers a unique experience audiences of all ages. Reel Cinemas is by the Wegmans shopping center on Harrisburg Pike. According to WGAL, there are seven theaters with heated and powered reclining seats. Additionally, the cinema has the first laser projectors and Dolby 7.1 surround sound in the area. 

LNP interviewed Steve Evans, senior vice president and managing director of High Real Estate Group’s retail division who predicts that it’ll be an exciting and thrilling experience for everyone.  

Reel is different than other regular cinema theaters. As stated by WGAL, you are able to get a full course meal, instead of basic movie theater snacks. However, they do provide the traditional movie theater snacks, such as popcorn, chips, candy, and other snacks as well. But you now have the option of getting something more, as there is also a full-service bar. In addition, there are plans for a brewery, according to WGAL. Along with this, guests can have their food and drink delivered to their seat in an auditorium (but not after the movie has started.)

Reel Cinemas owner, Greg Wax, said in an interview with LNP, Reel technology may be the most advanced in Lancaster county, but it’s ticket prices won’t break the bank. Ticket prices will be about a dollar less than their competitors. Reel Cinemas’ adult ticket prices are $12.50 for films shown in six of the auditoriums and $14.50 for ReelMax.