Julia Walters

Managing Editor

After a long day at the polls, the election results for Millersville Borough and the greater Lancaster county are in! 

The three new Millersville Borough Council members are Lauren Hauck (DEM,) Brooke Magni (DEM,) and Millersville University’s Dr. Carrie Smith (DEM,) associate professor of sociology. Dr. Carrie Smith stated in a Facebook post from her Borough Council campaign account, “I wanted to run a campaign that was honest, energetic, and where I was reminded daily of the values that I hold dear…I am grateful for all that this country has given me and continues to give me, and I am honored that I now have an opportunity to give back in this capacity.”

As Millersville Borough Council members, the three new representatives for the borough will be primarily responsible for listening to Millersville residents about their various concerns. Additionally, they will communicate reasons behind any decisions the council makes and provide the rationales behind them.

For Lancaster County’s District Attorney, Heather Adams (Rep) beat out Hobie Crystle (Dem.) District attorneys generally manage the prosecutor’s office, investigate alleged crimes with law enforcement, and file criminal charges. Adams will be the first woman District Attorney for Lancaster County, which is a milestone for the county.

Additionally, for Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Craig Stedman (Rep) won over Gregory Paulson (Dem.) The Court of Common Pleas is a trial court system in the state of Pennsylvania, where court cases initially take place. There is one per each district and each district can have either one to 100 judges and are elected to terms that are 10 years in length. Stedman, who has previously served the county as a District Attorney, said in a Facebook post of his win, “I am overwhelmed. I am committed to continuing to serve Lancaster county in this new role.”