Caleb Wolfe
Staff Writer

Millersville Football wrapped up their 2019 season at home this past Saturday.  The Marauders took on the Mercyhurst Lakers, a team who struggled throughout the season but was on a two- game winning streak going into the match-up.  This momentum would prove to be too much for the Marauders, as they had been on a four-game losing streak before this showcase.

It should be noted that both Marauder quarterbacks were injured prior to this game, and wide receiver Evan Morrill was tasked with the job of starting quarterback.  While he had played the position several times before, it his first time doing so for an entire 60 minutes of play.

The Lakers set the pace of the game within the first possession of play.  Two long runs, the latter of which would score a touchdown, put them on the board first.  Meanwhile the Marauders threw an interception on their first play, which was thankfully negated due to a penalty.  After a punt from each team the Marauders threw another interception, which would be confirmed by the referee.

From the start of the second quarter the Lakers slowly drove down the field, marched into Marauder territory, but lost the ball on a failed fourth down attempt. 

After an insufficient three-and-out drive from the Marauders offense, the Marauders defense played amazing as they successfully stopped three goal line attempts, and forced the Lakers to kick a field goal.  On their next drive the Marauders offense converted multiple third downs, and were able to score a touchdown pass from Morrill to Newerls. This tightened the score to 10-7 at halftime.

The third quarter featured utterly terrible offense from both teams.  The Marauders started the second half with a fumble, the Lakers failed a fourth down conversion, the Marauders then missed a field goal attempt, both teams proceed to go three-and-out, the Lakers fail a second fourth down conversion, and finally the Marauders end the quarter with yet another fumble. 

Thankfully the mediocrity was corrected in the fourth quarter; however it was the Lakers who found success.  A touchdown pass put the visiting team up 17-7. The Marauders would be forced to punt shortly after their first possession of the quarter started, and gave the Lakers the ball with over five minutes to play.  However a handful of first downs aided the Lakers in drained out the clock and winning the game.

Coach J.C. Morgan was disappointed about the loss, but had positive remarks about the 2019 season, “They have learned a lot.  Above all things, they have learned what it takes to be successful at the college level, and that will continue as we go into the spring… Our goal is that in the future these late-season games are meaningful and that we build ourselves toward being a championship program.”

The Marauders final record for the season sits at 2-9 (the same record they obtained just last year), and serves as a disappointment for the fans, coaches, and players.  However the team is still young, and the future looks bright.