As many of The Snapper readers know, Disney’s new streaming service had a release on Tuesday. To me, that is an end to a means. I am a Star Wars fan and I needed to watch the Mandalorian with every fiber of my being and that is exactly what I did.

Impressed is an understatement with the first episode of Mandalorian. Impressed does not cover it though, I would say floored would be more appropriate. I enjoyed Star Wars in an episodic format. This way of delivering Star Wars seems better to me than the movies to an extent. Do not get me wrong, I love movies, but this is a cool new way to watch Star Wars. 

No Spoilers!

I will give no spoilers. Let me say that the episode is a solid ten out of ten. It is a great start to what I know will be a great series. The entire episode went by fast, with 39-minute run time, but it did not feel that long at all. I am engaged in theory crafting now. If anyone would like to talk to me about it, I am game. 

If Disney keeps on coming out with content like the Mandalorian, Star Wars is in good hands. I know there is a rough spot going on right now with the Skywalker saga. The Mandalorian is a sign of big changes for the way Disney uses the franchise. Sure, the Game of Thrones directors is gone now. There are rumors of Rian Johnson not doing a trilogy now. Disney has realized quality over quantity. That is the trap that Disney got in and I expected that. Who can blame them for wanting to make more Star Wars movies?

Is the Disney Empire Unstoppable?

Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas. With that, they inherited one of the greatest series to ever grace the world. The Mandalorian is showing that Disney is maturing. Making four movies in the past four years was a mistake. Star Wars does not need cookie-cutter treatment. Call of Duty, a popular video game franchise, gets this every year. Star Wars is too big for that kind of treatment. It might not be fair to lump the two together. It’s hard to deny that Disney was wanting to make a lot of money from Star Wars. This is a goal they have achieved. The box office revenue illustrates that. Including Rogue One and Solo, the four Star Wars movies have made more than nine billion in revenue. 

I am passionate about Star Wars. I am fine with waiting for better, quality content though. The Mandalorian is that kind of content. The entire episode was well done and I am excited about next week’s episode. 

I will be writing a full review of the series. Expect that to come out next semester at some point. May the force be with you Millersville, always. The Darkside for the most part though, we all know the Sith are cooler than Jedi.