With the increase in technology, there is a constant debate on online books versus traditional paper copies. While there are many benefits to having an online book–reduce environmental footprint, lighter to carry, thousands of books at my fingertips–I just don’t prefer online texts. I have the same opinion of this on textbooks versus literature, but for very different reasons. 

There are many reasons why I do not prefer online texts. First, when I read for fun just really wholeheartedly love the feeling of holding a book in my hands. There is something nostalgic about curling up under a blanket and holding a brand new book, cue a cozy fireplace and fresh snow for added effect. As I look back and conduct a quick Freudian analysis on myself, a lot of this stems back from my childhood.  

When I was a child, I was bullied quite often and would find solace in dystopian literature. I was always the kid who would get in trouble for reading in class or staying up way past my bedtime, just to finish one more chapter. It was never and still is never one more chapter. 

Additionally, bookstores are my favorite place to go. When I go to bookstores, I can spend hours upon hours reading the first ten pages of a book. If you find me in my favorite book chances are I am sitting on the floor in the poetry section reading every book I can get through. While contrary to popular opinion, I do not do this to prevent spending money. I do this because I want to know if I will love the book before I buy it. Through the years it has prevented me from wasting hundreds of dollars on books I am not in love with. 

The cost?

Print versus online textbooks seems to be a no brainer for most college students–online is normally cheaper, textbooks are as heavy as an elephant, most used textbooks are in garbage condition, and we don’t have to worry about sending them back. However, I hate online textbooks. 

As opposed to the print books above, I have to spend the extra money on print textbooks. When I tell people, print textbooks are easier for me, they seem to not understand. When reading an online textbook, I get lost and have to reread the same section way too many times. I have learned that in order to give myself the best education I can. 

To further elaborate, I have learned that with my Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, using an online textbook has many opportunities for distraction. If I am not rereading the paragraph many times, I am on social media, playing a game, watching animal videos, or reading articles. Online textbooks just don’t work for me. 

Conclusion of the book?

Overall I think having access to online literature is beneficial for people of all ages, however, for me, it is not the most ideal. For living a minimalist lifestyle, having a small apartment, or not wanting to carry around a book having books on devices is perfect, and maybe one day I will make the switch.