Jared Kish
Sports Editor

Through three quarters of Super Bowl LIV on Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers pounded, frustrated, and discombobulated the Kansas City Chiefs. The Niners defense had kept the explosive Chiefs offense contained, and it looked like Andy Reid was going to lose yet another Super Bowl. The hope in Chiefs fans started to dwindle, and the Super Bowl drought in KC was spiraling into its 51st year. 

With just about seven minutes left in the game, the Chiefs were down by 10 and their star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, had been left bruised and battered. Staring at third-and-15 on their own 35, the 24-year old baby faced QB had to pull out some crazy Mahomes magic to build momentum. In the shotgun, Mahomes called hike, stepped back, and launched a 44-yard prayer to wide receiver Tyreek Hill, dropping the ball right in the breadbasket of Hill’s hands. 

Four plays later, The Chiefs scored a touchdown cutting the Niners lead to 20-17. A little hope was restored only being down three, and Mahomes gave Kansas City a little momentum. With three minutes left, Mahomes had driven the Chiefs offense down the field again and completed a pass to running back Damien Williams, giving KC the lead at 24-20. 

The Niners were now the ones wavering and Mahomes magic was alive and well down in Miami. 

In one last desperate attempt to drive down the field and score, Jimmy Garoppolo had completed a few passes getting the 49ers offense to the KC 49-yard line. It was there, where the Chiefs defense held and sacked Garoppolo on a 4th and 10 giving Kansas City the ball back. 

With a minute and twenty seconds left the Chiefs could smell victory, yet, they weren’t done. On a 2nd and 6 Mahomes handed off the ball to Damien Williams and he would strike again for a 38-yard run for a touchdown, solidifying a 31-20 Super Bowl win. 

Mahomes wasn’t perfect by no means and he was definitely rattled, but he never gave up. He took hit after hit from the Niners nasty defense and he still continued to get up and show just how tough he is. 

Mahomes’s toughness has been on display all year. It wasn’t like this was the first time we saw the Chiefs quarterback come back from a deficit. During the regular season, he was 5-0 when down by double-digits, and 3-0 in the playoffs when trailing. 

The Chiefs were down 24-0 against Houston, 17-10 against Tennessee and trailed 20-10 on Sunday to the 49ers. Mahomes never faltered in any of these games and pulled out victories. 

Mahomes is now the youngest player in NFL history to win a league MVP, and a Super Bowl. He is also the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl MVP. 

Though it was the Mahomes show, light needs to be shined on Andy Reid. One of the most successful head coaches in the NFL, had never won a Super Bowl, until now. He got there twice with the Philadelphia Eagles but failed to capitalize on a win. After 21 years of coaching, Reid finally got his ring and it was well worth it. 

It’s truly a treat to watch Patrick Mahomes play football. There isn’t even a question that he is the best all-around QB in the game right now. Having the ability to elevate your game to the next level after being knocked down time and time again is an attribute that makes Mahomes what he is, great. 

Mahomes is going to find a way to win. No lead is safe when this kid is the opposing quarterback standing on the other side of the field. In order to beat Mahomes a defense has to play 100% throughout 60 minutes which is rare. They would have to completely take Mahomes’s arm and legs away and it’s difficult to do both which is why Mahomes has been able to have unbelievable success in just three years. 

One narrative in sports is defense wins championships and that was true on Sunday through the first three quarters. However, in the fourth, Mahomes rewrote the narrative bringing home the Lombardi trophy to Kansas City after 50 long years.