Chloe Barrett

Associate News Editor

According to MU Blogs, Dr. Carrie Smith, associate sociology professor at Millersville was elected Borough President. Smith began her campaign within the summer of 2019, she was elected to the Millersville Borough Council in November of 2019 and then elected to council president in January 2020. 

Smith spent the summer campaigning that would lead to her eventual win in the Borough President in January 2020. According to MU Blogs Smith said, “Campaigning is not for the weak,” she said. “It was hot, it was muggy; on some days, it was dispiriting. Because Millersville is a smaller borough, there’s actually more of a pressure too canvas all of it.”

Upon her win, according to MU Blogs, Smith said, “It was tiring, and it was surreal. At the end of it, I sat down and realized ‘OK, this is happening,” Smith said. “I was also immensely grateful for the people who helped me get there. It’s a big team of people, from the people who design the website, the campaign manager, my family who was in this from the very beginning; it’s a lot of gratefulness.” Smith received the second-most number of votes out of anyone that was on the ballot on election night. 

On Jan. 14, 2020, Smith was able to chair her first borough meeting. According to MU Blogs, Smith said, “I’m a sociologist so I love learning how different organizations work,” she said. “This is a new organization to learn. I think if you go in with that approach, it’s a lot to learn but it’s also enlightening. It can be a joy to learn something new.”

Being a professor at Millersville, Smith puts an emphasis on learning. As said in MU Blogs, “I spend 90% of my time in the Millersville borough,” Smith said. “There’s an investment when you spend this much time to make sure that the borough does well and there’s a good quality of life for people.”

Smith was born in Singapore. She then moved to California, attending community college and transferred to the University of California at Santa Cruz to continue her bachelor’s degree. She earned her masters and doctorate from Vanderbilt University. She then took a job teaching sociology at Millersville University. 

According to MU Blogs, “Smith also grew more and more interested in the workings of American politics. Her voting record is consistent and reliable since becoming a citizen around nine years ago. She made so many appearances voting in local elections that greeters at polling stations told her she should run for office.” 

Smith said, “I think a lot of people think, electoral politics, local ordinances, I don’t know anything about that,” she said. “People said to me you may think you don’t know it, but you can learn.”

Smith hopes with her new elected position, she can bridge the communication gap between Millersville University and the Millersville borough. She understands that there will be challenges ahead but is looking forward to solving new problems.