Kat Virula
News Editor

Huong So, age 24, passed away on Feb. 18th. She was a sophomore business administration major from Philadelphia, where her parents still reside. Ms. So attended Horace Howard Furness High School in Philadelphia and started at Millersville in fall of 2018. At Millersville, she was a member of our Pre-Scholars Summer Institute and the Migrant Education program. 

Her memorial service was held at McComsey, Ford Atrium on Feb. 24th. Many students and faculty gathered together to honor Huong So. 

Huong was beloved by the community of Millersville University. Keiri Gonzalez, class of 2018, and Apsara Uprety, a sophomore and English and Social Work major worked with Huong So during PSSI. 

Keiri Gonzalez  quotes, “She was one of the sweetest, most hardworking, kindest, warmest, and persistent students I have ever worked with. Throughout my time working with students, she was one of the students who was the sweetest soul. We all love and appreciate her.” 

Apsara Uprety reminisced about her during their time in PSSI, 

 “Huong was a person that always highlighted our day. She made us laugh when we needed it the most. She made us feel like family in general. I met Huong for the first time during the PSSI program…Me and Huong went to the program late and she was one of the first people that became my friend…I am glad I was able to create so many happy memories with Huong and that I was able to be a part of her life and she was a part of mine.” 

According to an email that President Dr. Wubah sent out to students, he reached out to members of the community and stated that it was clear that Ms. So was a devoted student who was described as “a joy and a light.” Huong So was also characterized as a great spirit and a gentle soul. 

Apsara remembers Huong as being witty and extremely caring.

“The thing that I loved about Huong was that she went to the extreme to make another person happy. I remember on my birthday, we all went out to Ruby Tuesdays and while we were waiting for the food, Huong got up and said she was going to the bathroom. She came back 15 minutes later and when she came back, her hair was messed up. I said, “Huong what were you doing in the bathroom for that long and why is your hair messed up?” She just laughed it off and then we started eating. When we finished eating, everyone suddenly started singing the happy birthday song, and I looked back to see the waitress coming to our table with a cake. I found out later that Huong had gone to Weis in the wind without her jacket so she could get that cake for me. This memory always reminds me that she did everything to make us happy.” 

Kelly Y Sokun, sophomore and International Business major, said that Huong was like a sister to her. During the service, she exclaimed how much Huong meant to her. 

“During the time we were at Millersville, we shared our laugh and love together. Even though we don’t have the same parents, we were like sisters to each other and we also lived together since freshman year. In the past year, she always used to surprise me with the stuff she bought for me. One day when I was about to leave my house to go to the grocery store, I saw a gift in front of our door. I wondered whose gift it was. I went and saw a sticky note outside the box; the gift was for me. I was so surprised, and I felt like I knew who gave it to me, but I was not so sure. Then later that day, I found out it was from Huong. I still remember that, and it makes me think about the things she did for me and the time we spent together. But now based on what happened on February 18, I can’t imagine that I lost my sister. You will be missed Huong, and our memories with you will be with us forever.”  

Huong So still inspires the MU community even after her passing. In the wake of Huong’s death, Aspara wants to remind everyone to never leave a conversation unfinished without saying goodbye. 

“…Never end a meeting, call or any kind of conversation without a proper goodbye because we never know when our last days are. Always remember to spread love.”