It’s All Greek to Me

April 30, 2015 0

Kim Snyder Guest Writer Within my first hour arriving in Greece, I was handed keys to my new home and a map of the city of Athens. Looking down at the map I realized it

Saudi Arabia: The Paralyzed Chicken

April 30, 2015 0

Haleluya Hadero Opinion Writer While I was recently watching a Lawrence Wright documentary, the legendary Journalist described the unnatural state of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As an American, whenever I hear news of the

Molly Carl Farewell Article

April 30, 2015 0

Goodbyes suck, so I refuse to write one. Instead, I’m going to thank all of the people who have gotten me through my time at the Snapper. I started here as the weird girl sitting

Emily Hepner Farewell Article

April 30, 2015 0

From the SMC to my apartment, it’s about a 15-minute walk, twenty if I’m feeling particularly sluggish. In that time, I’ve come up with about four different ways to write this farewell article and I’m

Alex Geli Farewell Article

April 30, 2015 0

Perseverance. Not only is that an excruciatingly tedious word to spell, it seems to be the overall theme of this semester. Personally, I had a pretty turbulent November and December leading up to late January

Katie Pryor Farewell Article

April 30, 2015 0

Katie Pryor Arts and Culture Editor It was the first or second week of my freshman year when I was exploring the SMC. I went to the lower level and came across a room with

Internship Struggles

April 30, 2015 0

Marie Mosca Opinion Editor This past fall, I started thinking about getting an internship for credits through the university. It is highly recommended for my major anyway, and figured it would be a nice way

Negligence-when parents need parenting

April 30, 2015 0

Marianne Caesar Features Editor Parents don’t seem to be keeping up with general ethics if you are watching the news lately. As a parent of a child nearing two, I like to browse the news

Electronic vs traditional reading

April 23, 2015 0

Marie Mosca Opinion Editor I am not ashamed to admit that I happen to be a bookworm. Over the years, I have collected many books and had to give a lot away due to lack

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