Refreshing sounds from the rap genre

September 17, 2008

There are many treasures behind the crayon-scented cover of The Quilt. Although navigating a journey all too similar to As Cruel as School Children, the listener is refreshed by Gym Class Heroes’ unrivaled (genre specifically) loyalty to melody . Most of the songs are stunningly beautiful in both wordplay (thanks to rap’s most group frontman/underrated mc, Travis McCoy) and instrumental. . . .

Motorhead = Awesome

September 17, 2008

When I was younger and ‘dumber’, I had a group of friends who would get together each weekend for the expressed purpose of beating each other’s whiskey-sodden brains out in backyards and ad-hoc boxing rings dotting the outskirts of rural Lancaster county. . . .

A new twist on Never Never Land

September 17, 2008

Everyone knows the story. It sports numerous adaptations and retellings, its characters have become legendary, and it dwells in the heart of every child who is just a bit reluctant to grow up, or every adult who still clings to the memories of childhood and perhaps would not mind becoming a child once more, given the opportunity. . . .

Atonement: The Book

September 17, 2008

Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” is now a successful film, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from reading the book. While the film is fantastic, the book still manages to surpass it in greatness. . . .

Movie Review: Burn After Reading

September 17, 2008

Is it just me or has the crime drama genre gotten out of hand?

It seems like every week there is a new criminal mystery or conspiracy that takes great stars from serious melodramas to running the streets of L.A. in the rain to catch a predator. Not to mention the superfluous amount of detective shows on TV that takes timeslots from the usual sitcoms. . . .

Wanda's entertaining stay comes to an end

September 10, 2008

On Friday and Saturday, Sept. 9-10 at 8 p.m., Citamard put on its production of “Wanda’s Visit” in Dutcher Hall.

The play, both Citamard’s final production of last semester and first of this one, was a hilarious but brief showing. . . .

Give me silicon and chainsaws

September 10, 2008

On September 5 Millersville University welcomed Mad Chad Taylor to the Student Memorial Center. Millersville students have been anticipating him coming for some time now. The wait was finally over and the audience was not disappointed by his performance. . . .

Trills and Triumphs music series

September 10, 2008

Dr. Anita Renfroe gave a preview performance on the harpsichord Thursday September 4. She began introducing the series with her pleasant southern drawl, explaining each piece she would play and giving a background on each composer. . . .

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