Listen Up: CD Review: The Walkmen: "You and Me"

September 10, 2008

Have you ever bought a cd by a band you liked, only to find that sometime while you were out getting beer or hiking the Appalachians or mending broken wings of baby birds they went and totally changed up their sound? Of course you have. Outrage! . . .

Savage Mistage

September 10, 2008

Finally English speakers can read Roberto Bolaño’s masterpiece novel “The Savage Detectives. Translated into English in 2007 by Natasha Wimmer, “The Savage Detectives” is an epic story spanning two decades and multiple continents. . . .

Fall fun film preview: College cult classics semester

September 10, 2008

Off-beat, dark, different, yet movies many watched over and over. For the fall of 2008, the MU Cine club will bring to public view a series of film, that may not be on the top-10 list of film critics, but are often movies we watch. Movies with unusual off beat qualities that draw in audiences with diverse taste. . . .

Semester So Fari So Good

September 3, 2008

Safari So Good helped to kick off a great semester here at Millersville University when they performed along with two other bands in Club de’Ville, producing a good turn out. . . .

Sykes gallery display

September 3, 2008

Over the summer, while many were on vacation from the rigors of intellectual stimulation and academia. A number of Millersville students spent their vacation creating pieces which were on display in the Sykes Gallery the first week of classes.

Running from May 4 to August 28, in the Sykes Gallery of Breidenstine Hall, approximately 100 pieces of artwork were selected for gallery display by professors in the MU art department. . . .

Breaking Dawn: Two different outlooks on bestseller (part 1 of 2)

September 3, 2008

Crazed fans waiting in line at midnight; parties dedicated to a book; weeks of hype finally coming to a close… this could describe the release of Harry Potter last summer, but it was also the scene this August as Stephanie Meyer’s latest “Twilight” book came out. Millions of fans waited anxiously to read “Breaking Dawn” and were disappointed. . . .

Breaking Dawn: Two different outlooks of besteller (part 2 of 2)

September 3, 2008

On August 1st eager fans flocked to bookstores nationwide to get their hands on a copy of Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyers’ fourth installment in her best-selling vampire romance saga.

Thousands of fans dressed up as their favorite characters as they waited in long lines for the midnight release.

The last time such an event was witnessed was a little over a year ago with the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. . . .

Stimulating fall line-up in store for Film Club

September 3, 2008

The Film Club, also known as MU Ciné Club, offers Millersville University students a forum for which they can watch and discuss cinema. Founded five years ago, The Film Club’s mission is to help the Millersville University community think critically about many of different aspects of film. The club selects a different focus each semester around a theme, director, or genre. . . .

Review: Hamlet 2

September 3, 2008

The lights and explosions of the summer blockbusters are dimming. The masses of film attendees are declining, and the unnecessary Mummy sequels are still not salvaging Brendan Fraser’s career. It must be the end of the summer for Hollywood and the beginning of the transition into art films for the award season in the fall. . . .

Summer's big blockbuster

September 3, 2008

For several years now, many comic book titles have been made into feature films proving wildly entertaining to people who grew up reading the comic books and watching the TV shows. Yet it is very rare when a movie of this kind has been a huge hit with people aside from comic book fans. . . .

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