MU Dining Halls Make Efforts to Go Green

April 20, 2010 0

Green efforts are occuring all over the world, even in places such as Millersville’s campus. The “going green” craze has hit the dining halls.

According to Edward Nase, who has been the director of dining services at Millersville since August 2005, dining services’ efforts in creating a better environment has started as far back as 2006.

Hobbs Hall Strives to be Greenest Dorm on Campus

April 20, 2010 0

With over 500 pounds of bottle caps and 86 ink cartridges collected, Hobbs Hall is the greenest dorm on campus.

Graduate Assistant Josh Belice and Resident Assistant Julie Hughes took a trip to Montreal. They visited the Botanical Gardens and the BioDome to see how different parts of the world are becoming more environmentally friendly. All the RAs in Hobbs encourage their residents to use just five minutes of water while showering. That means turning the water off while you wash your body, or while you wash your hair.

How to: Do Your Part to Help Mother Earth

April 19, 2010 0

If you have not seen the posters around campus for a delicious organic juice, you are already confused. Drinking naked has nothing to do with the best party you will ever go to, it is merely a slogan for one of many products that support the ongoing frenzy encouraging people everywhere to “go green.” While there are plenty of trendy green products, it is not always necessary to spend money in order to save the environment. By making an effort to help the environment, you are going to end up saving yourself plenty of cash.

Conestoga Club works on "The Bush" and Sponsors Earth Day Festival

April 16, 2010 0

The Conestoga Club is a club to be recognized.

They are working wonders with the vegetation along the Conestoga River. Originating in the 1990s, Dr. Ambler, the head of the Conestoga Club here at Millersville University, and Professor of Biology explains the ongoing effort the club puts forth to keep the environment enriched. According to Dr. Ambler “The Bush along the Conestoga River was once a farm pasture in the 1950s and now has grown into a forest. This is a natural process called succession and called ‘old field succession’ when abandoned farmland becomes a forest again.”

Pride at MU: Coming out as a Bisexual

April 8, 2010 5

I am a bisexual female and I have not come out to the majority of people in my life. While most of the people who I have come out to have been accepting, some people responded negatively. I want to share some of these reactions and let you inside so you know how I have been affected. I do this in the hopes that you will think before reacting negatively if a friend comes out to you.

All About the MU Ciné Club

April 8, 2010 0

Maybe you like to watch a movie and forget about it, or maybe you love to discuss the contents of what you have invested your time in watching. Perhaps you prefer to see a movie only once, or you have lists of movies you could watch repeatedly. Regardless of your individual movie-viewing quirks, it is hard to find a college student who does not enjoy watching movies.

PRANKOLOGY: Pranks Become Students Favorite Memories

April 8, 2010 0

Have you ever woken up to the sound of dozens of alarm clocks going off around you, as you quickly try to find every single ticking time bomb disturbing your sleep? Or run out the door you hit a barrier of plastic wrap sealing the doorway? When you look at the time, the time on your phone is set an hour ahead of the clocks you’ve noticed in public places. As your phone starts ringing, how did your ringtone get switched to “Achy Breaky Heart? Only your best friends know the one sound you might hate more than the voice of Miley Cyrus is that of her one hit wonder father.

MU Helping Paws Goes Whale Watching

April 8, 2010 0

MU Helping Paws is the only animal awareness group on campus. Helping Paws helps students who love animals get off campus and give them the opportunity to volunteer their time to helping local animal shelters. Last semester they volunteered with Mt. Hope Horse Rescue, and are hoping to volunteer with them next semester.

Most Legendary April Fools Jokes of

April 7, 2010 1

We have all heard our friends brag over their best pulled pranks, our school’s senior pranks and even our siblings who brag year after year at holiday dinners about their pranks from five years back. I had a few pranks pulled once as well, one year I hid the coffee from my mom on April fools day and made her go on a wild goose chase to find it. Lets just say she was not very happy to do a scavenger hunt at 5 a.m. and even more fuming when she was late for work. We had a few pranks in my school as well, we let three pigs loose and they were numbered from one to four. Get it? There were only three pigs labeled one, two, and four, they spent all day looking for number three. Hey what can I say, I graduated from hick high in Southern Lancaster County. Here’s some April Fools Day pranks that you might not have heard about:

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