History of the Olympics

February 18, 2010 0

Despite tragedy just hours before the opening ceremonies of the 21st Olympic Games; tradition carried on in Vancouver, Canada.

The first Olympic Games can be traced back as far as 776 B.C. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods but banned in 393 A.D. when Emperor Theodosius prohibited all pagan cults.

2010 Winter Olympic Games

February 18, 2010 4

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games began with tragedy. Nodar Kumaritashvili, a luger from Georgia, died in an accident while practicing.

The track Kumaritashvili was practicing on has the longest drop of all luge courses at 152 meters. He was going 90 mph when he lost control of his sled, flew over a wall, and was thrown into a metal support beam. He was knocked unconscious immediately, given CPR and was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dr. Catepillan Offering Amazing Summer Course in Mayan Ruins

February 16, 2010 0

This summer will be the fifth summer that Dr. Xienema Catepillan, of the Math Department, will be offering a math course in Mexico. The course, Mathematics in Non-European Cultures, is designed for college level students to learn about ancient Mayan History, culture, and mathematics as they travel through the ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. The instructors for the course are top scholars in the field of Mayan archaeology.

Students Study Marine Science During Summer Courses in Wallops Island, Virginia

February 16, 2010 0

Since 1965, the Marine Science Consortium, a nonprofit educational corporation, has educated and inspired thousands of people through hands-on education.

The bays, marshes, beaches, maritime forests, and off-shore waters of Virginia’s Eastern Shore are the Marine Science Consortium’s classroom. Whether you are an individual interested in learning more about coastal and marine systems or seeking to pursue a career in marine sciences, the Marine Science Consortium offers a wonderful variety of opportunities to meet your educational and/or research goals.

Sieze the Opportunity This Summer

February 16, 2010 0

The summer always seems so far away. It is hard to think that, despite the mounding snow on campus, summer is a mere three months away.

College students generally spend their summers in one of four ways. For some, the summer is full of relaxation and fun in the sun. Then, there are the students who use the summer months to work and save money. For others, there is the opportunity to continue their education. And as always, some college students use their summer time as an opportunity to travel.

Internships: Getting Your Foot in the Door

February 16, 2010 1

In light of the economic crisis our country is facing, getting a job after graduating college is difficult, to say the least. There is one thing, however, that can put college students at an advantage- pursuing an internship.

See the World With MU Study Abroad

February 16, 2010 0

Ever wonder what the culture is like in another country, but you know you think you can’t afford to travel that far just for the adventure? Then you should consider studying abroad! The Millersville University Global Education and Partnerships program allows you to travel to another country and receive college credits by completing one or more courses while there. You can travel to countries such as like England, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and many more exciting places. The steps to studying abroad are simpler than you might think.

Summer School Two Words Not as Dreadful as They Once Were

February 16, 2010 0

For many students, taking summer courses is a great way to obtain credits. Summer classes at Millersville are offered in three sessions. Each session is treated as a different term. The duration of each session varies. Millersville offers four, five, nine, and ten week sessions. The University recommends a student take no more than two classes in one session.

The Not-So-Straight-Story: Gay in America

February 8, 2010 2

Life as an open homosexual has changed drastically over the decades. It was not long ago that an open homosexual would be persecuted and harassed regardless of where he or she resided. Being thankful for the age I have grown up in, there is still far to go and it has become a slow process.

Let's Talk About Sex and Babies

February 4, 2010 0

It’s all around us. Television, movies, magazines, the internet; all secrete one thing into our minds- SEX. In a society filled with sex and temptation, does anyone abstain from sex until marriage anymore?

According to, the United States has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in the industrialized world. Hollywood glamorizes pregnancy. Movies such as “Juno,” “Knocked Up,” and even the show “Teen Mom” on MTV put a spotlight on young, single women getting pregnant.

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