Halloween: Then and Now

October 22, 2008 0

Halloween is a time for fun and dressing up but there are also over 4,000 other ghosts, murderers and zombies walking around too. This is a great time for anyone who loves to dress up in costumes, loves getting candy and having a good time. Halloween will be here before you know it.

Healthy Weight Loss important to students

October 22, 2008 2

In our last issue, we explained why crash dieting is harmful to your health and extremely ineffective when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off. So now, we are going to give you some tips on how to actually lose weight and keep it off the healthy way.

Impact of economy hits MU

October 22, 2008 0

The financial downturn of Wall Street may have seemed beyond the realm of students until Gov. Edward G. Rendell (D) announced in September that commonwealth agencies should reduce spending and cut up to $485.9 million in this year’s budget.

A closer look at the Third World crisis

October 22, 2008 0

Oct. 26 to 28, Associate Dean of Education, Dr. Doyin Coker-Kolo, along with many others in the education department, will be organizing a conference focused upon the plight and progress of the Third World, right here in Lancaster.

Food not Bombs feeds Lancaster's hungry

October 22, 2008 0

While many students enjoyed their summers on vacation or caught up with their friends at home, many Millersville students served meals at the Brunswick Mall once a week during the summer and continue to do so during this school year.

Skating it up, here at Millersville

October 22, 2008 1

Skateboarders in Millersville will soon have their very own community skate park to ride in. The proposed park will be built upon the seldom-used and deteriorating tennis court adjacent in the Millersville Park adjacent to John Herr’s Market.

Behind the desk: Bryan Behrenshausen

October 22, 2008 0

Bryan Behrenshausen was heavily influenced by the communications department as a student at Millersville. Now, as an instructor at his alma mater, he is giving back to students.

Smoking still a hot topic

October 22, 2008 0

Many students on campus continue to smoke without realizing the stance that Millersville has taken on the Pennsylvania Clean Air Act, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) as well as the Commonwealth and Board of Governors in Pennsylvania have instituted at Millersville and the other 13 state -run schools.

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