Senior class gift combines two years

October 15, 2008 0

Perhaps under varied names, organizations created in order to collect donations from a departing senior class for honoring Millersville University, have been around since 1866.

Since then, clocks, brick-layed walk-ways, water-fountains, pillars, welcome walls and so many other structures have been erected in honor of years of yore’s Alma Mater, Millersville University.

Alcohol awareness week awards cash prizes

October 15, 2008 0

Over the course of the week of October 20, special events will take place in order to get students more in touch with the dangers of alcohol and being able to reduce the risk and harm that could come with use of alcohol by a student.

English adds new writing studies minor

October 15, 2008 0

The ability to write and to write well is not only beneficial for students who choose to major in English. The English department has acknowledged that writing is a skill that students will need when entering any job field and has decided to add a writing studies option and minor.

Chemistry society chapter defends title

October 15, 2008 0

The eyes of anticipating Penn Manor high school students attentively watch as a member of Millersville University’s American Chemistry Society (ACS) Chapter, dips a bouquet of flowers into liquid nitrogen, then shatters them like glass against the table.

Retired professor passes on

October 15, 2008 0

Dr. Jane Alden-Goldman, known to the University as Dr. Jane Alden, assistant professor of English, passed away on Sept. 20 after two decades of dedication in the field of journalism.

Minister remembered for giving his all

October 15, 2008 0

On Wednesday, Sept. 24, Millersville held a memorial service for the Reverend Dr. Robert Sayer, a man described by all in attendance as a beloved colleague and friend, who passed away during last semester.

The Birth Control Breakdown; the 411

September 24, 2008 0

There are many important things to consider when selecting a method of birth control. One simple method is not the answer for everyone, and selecting your birth control might not be as easy as you think.

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