Four years is not enough

October 22, 2008 0

The final stretch of the Presidential Election is finally in sight and all I think of is: it’s about time. On November 5th, the countless political television ads, irritating phone calls and annoying lawn signs will all mercifully end.

Our candidate opinions show we care

October 22, 2008 0

I will be honest – I’m a Barack Obama supporter. Being a Libertarian, I tend to agree more with his policies than with his opponent John McCain. However, either candidate’s policies aren’t my concern in this particular article. I recently had a feud with a neighbor of mine in the hall of my dorm.

The third party vote

October 22, 2008 0

After hearing the debates between McCain and Obama, looking at their policies and weighing my options, I decided that I am going to vote for Bob Barr in this presidential election.

Joe the plumber

October 22, 2008 0

Anyone else getting burned out on this election cycle? I’m not thrilled with either of the presidential candidates and disheartened at the level of vitriol that is being bandied about by Americans against other Americans of differing ideological positions. We’re a nation divided at the moment, perhaps even more so than during 2000 and 2004.

Practice what you preach

October 22, 2008 2

There are times that all of us have made mistakes in our lives whether it be to steal someone’s personal belongings, gossiping about someone behind their backs and getting caught, and so on. There are many mistakes I feel that no one is able to escape.

Go against the crowd; Say no to Palin and football

October 22, 2008 0

Here’s the thing. I don’t really fancy most things that people make great efforts to show that they fancy. Why? Merely due to the fact that most people fancy them. My last opinion article, if you recall, was a short attempt at debunking the popularity of Sarah Palin.

Death of a friend: remembrance

October 15, 2008 0

I knew when I decided to leave the country for three months that I would miss something-and I did. Just after I left for Portugal, a friend – and a very good friend to Millersville University and the Millersville community passed away.

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