Sunday, February 28, 2021

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The purpose of The Snapper shall be to disseminate Millersville University and the surrounding community news concerning students, faculty, administration and staff in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner and to facilitate expression of the attitudes and ideas of the student body and faculty, administration and staff.

—The Snapper Constitution

The Snapper publishes 6-8 issues per semester, delivered to newsstands Wednesday evening for the Thursday edition. Our newspapers are currently located in the following places:


The Snapper invites any and all contributions from students, faculty and staff of Millersville University, and we accept staff applications regardless of major. If you'd like to join, please click on the apply page at the top of the screen.

Our office: SMC 015

We renovated our office over the summer in 2019, adding new furniture, lights, and decorations. After more than a few years of neglect, we cleaned everything, opened up the space by rearranging the furniture, and added a lounge area to provide comfort for our editors and visitors.

Executive team

Carly O'Neill

Editor in Chief

Hello, I'm Carly! I started my Millersville career in 2017 and I will be graduating in the spring of 2021. I joined The Snapper the fall semester of my Sophomore year and absolutely fell in love with journalism. I’m currently a communications and media broadcasting major, but shortly after joining I took up journalism as one of my minors. The Snapper has taught me a lot about myself and my writing and I will always consider our little team a family. I hope to continue pursuing journalism after I graduate and giving a platform to those in need of a voice.

Julia Meassick

Managing Editor

Hello my name is Julia! I arrived at Millersville in fall of 2019, ready to start my education. I am an Applied Engineering: Graphic Communications major, and I love it! Design and print production has been a longtime love of mine. I create infographics, icons, and various layouts for this club. I truly enjoy being a part of The Snapper family and I can’t wait for what the future has in store for this club and myself!

Colin Vanden Berg

Head Copy Editor

Our amazing editors

Jake Markoff

News Editor

Hey, I’m Jake. I’m a transfer student that started in bioengineering and ended up in journalism. I have a passion for science journalism and hope to work with NatGeo one day. The Snapper was my first foray into writing real articles and it has been a blast being a member. When I’m not writing I enjoy short walks on the beach with my golden retriever; there is just something about a beach sunset that highlights perfectly quaffed hair and khaki pants like no other.

Shaun Lucas

Opinion Editor

Hello everyone! I've been involved with the Snapper since arriving at MU in Fall of 2019. After beginning as a staff writer, I finished the semester acting as Associate News Editor. Then, I became Associate Opinion Editor in the spring, only to now serve as Opinion Editor. Even though it's been brief, I've loved my time with the Snapper, as I've learned a lot about writing while creating works I'm especially proud of. The staff is full of fantastic individuals, all I've become quite fond of working with. I am a marketing major, while also attempting to gain a minor certification in journalism. I hope to continue learning about journalism through the Snapper until I graduate in 2023!

Sydney Clark

Features Editor

Hey everyone! I’m Sydney and I’m currently a senior English major at Millersville. I transferred here in 2018 after getting my Associates from Northampton Community College. I picked up a Journalism minor and joined The Snapper shortly after. My experiences with The Snapper are without a doubt my most fond memories from my time at MU. This team feels more like a family, and I hope journalism continues to stay in my life even after graduating!

Brian Markley

Sports Editor

Greetings, I hope you are all well. My name is Brian, and I began my Millersville career in 2016 and I will be graduating in the winter of 2020. I started with The Snapper in my junior year and quickly fell in love with it. I have met some truly wonderful people here. I plan to become a journalist after school and hopefully end up in the north east some day. As I realize that our time together is running out, I remain grateful for everything The Snapper has taught me, and all of the wonderful people that make up our staff.

Holdan Hitchcock

Associate Opinion Editor

Howdy! I’m Holdan, a transfer student from CCAC in Pittsburgh, I joined both Millersville University and The Snapper in the Spring 2020 semester. I am also a member of the PRSSA group at Millersville University. Currently, I am majoring in Communications with a focus in Public Relations. In my free time I enjoy making obscure movie references, watching Psych, and hanging out playing Nintendo. I look forward to aiding in expanding The Snapper and what we do in the future!

Caleb Wolfe

Associate Sports Editor

Hey, my name’s Caleb! I’m currently in my senior year at Millersville, and I’m a Print Journalism major. I started writing for The Snapper back in Fall 2019 because I wanted to cover the football team. Since then my writing has expanded to more sports, video games, and opinion pieces. My plan is to find a job in sports or game journalism after graduation, though I would also love to turn my hobby of live streaming video games into a financially sustainable job as well! The Snapper has been a great community for me to grow my writing and more importantly build friendships.

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Social media & business team

Julia Meassick

Social Media Coordinator

Holdan Hitchcock

Business Manager

Our wonderful faculty advisor

Dr. Robert Spicer

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Robert N. Spicer, Associate Professor of Communication at Millersville University, is the faculty advisor for The Snapper. His primary area of research is in media and political culture. His dissertation, which he defended in June of 2014 at the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information, is titled The Discourses and Practices of Political Deception: From Campaigns to Cable to the Courts.

Spicer’s secondary area of research is in emerging media and philosophy of technology. His research has been published in books and journals such as Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology and the Journal of Media Education. He also authored the book Free Speech and False Speech: Political Deception and its Legal Limits (or lack thereof) for Palgrave (April 2018).