Biology and student athletics

April 12, 2016

Manuel Bassa Staff Writer There are a lot of stereotypes about students on college campuses. Frat boy. Sorority girl. Hipster. Then there are the many student athletes that are simply placed in the jock category . . .

End procrastination once and for all

October 2, 2013

Diane Gallagher Assoc. Features Editor It is week six of the semester here at Millersville University: assignments are piling up, deadlines have come and gone, and tests need to be studied for. Where did all . . .

Academic dishonesty: cheaters never win

October 2, 2013

Rachel Delaney Features Writer As classes settle in and workloads become heavier, everyone is starting to feel the pressure: pressure to get a good grade, pressure to maintain a certain GPA or pressure to pass. . . .

MU student-athletes rank #1 in academics

February 13, 2013

Zachary Staab Assoc. News Editor Student-athletes at Millersville University have multiple talents. While MU student-athletes obviously possess athletic talent, they are also talented academically. According to recently released data from NCAA, MU student-athletes rank No.1 . . .

Weather awareness day promotes community

April 8, 2009

Nearly 200 people from the community attended the first annual Weather Awareness Day on Sunday, April 5, which was sponsored by the Community Outreach Committee and the Millersville University chapter of the American Meteorology Society. . . .

Tech class gain expertise through furniture design

February 18, 2009

In small groups of juniors and seniors, the ITEC 344: Product Design class of Fall 2008, consisting of about 25 students, worked and whittled themselves toward the completion of a capstone project in the Stayer Hall lobby. . . .

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