Brad Pitt stars in grim World War II film ‘Fury’

October 22, 2014

Grant Pearsall Staff Writer Smoke wafts across the battlefield, curling over the countless dead soldiers and smoldering wreckage of the machines of war. Sergeant Don Collier (Brad Pitt) sheathes the knife he used moments before . . .

War is finally declared in ‘Gotham’

October 22, 2014

Katie Pryor Arts & Culture Editor If there’s anything that Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) of Fox’s “Gotham” was right about, it’s that a war was brewing in the city of Gotham, and it’s declared . . .

‘Walking Dead’ draws massive ratings

October 22, 2014

John Villarose VI Staff Writer Fans of “The Walking Dead” might recognize the show’s formula for starting off new seasons: the first episode kicks off with a large-scale, action-packed sequence of the gang trying to . . .

Local artists thrive at semi-annual Lancaster Artwalk

October 8, 2014

Donunshae Sanders Staff Writer Paintings, masks, sculptures and artwork from local elementary schools: Lancaster Artwalk has it all. Oct. 4-5, Lancaster held their annual Artwalk, where they showcase different works of art from about 35 . . .

Vigilante terrorizes city in new ‘Gotham’

October 8, 2014

Katie Pryor Arts & Culture Editor Long before Batman became the Dark Knight of Gotham City, another masked vigilante tried to take justice into his own hand, but without Batman’s moral code: The Balloonman. The . . .

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