New episode of ‘Gotham’ ups the ante

October 1, 2014

Katie Pryor Arts & Culture Editor Last week, viewers of the “Gotham” pilot saw her creeping in the shadows of the tense plot. Now, they finally got to learn more about the fierce feline-like teenager . . .

Food and fun times await at the Bloomsburg Fair

September 24, 2014

Molly Carl Head Copy Editor If you’re feeling adventurous on an early autumn day and you head towards Northeastern Pennsylvania, betwixt the anthracite coal region and the Pocono Mountains you’ll stumble upon Bloomsburg, the only . . .

Get into the swing of things at Lancaster Swing Dance

September 24, 2014

Joe Roehm Staff Writer Skimming through last week’s paper, you may have came across an article titled “The Secrets of Millersville.” This article talked about several interesting places such as Kendig Square, where students can . . .

‘Godzilla’ smashes onto DVD and Blu-ray

September 24, 2014

Pete Wisniewski Staff Writer With Hollywood in the current trend of making sequels, superhero movies and remakes, it was only a matter of time until they rehashed one of the most iconic movies and well-known . . .

‘Gotham’ pilot opens series with a bang

September 24, 2014

Katie Pryor Arts & Culture Editor Even for people who aren’t fans of comic books, one thing comes to mind when they think of Gotham City: Batman. However, what was the iconic city like before . . .

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