April's blue light special raises awareness

April 24, 2015

Marianne Caesar Features Writer Communities are “going blue” this month as Autism Awareness Month follows its eighth global Autism Awareness Day, held April 2. “Light It Up Blue,” a global initiative in its third year, . . .

Piecing together the puzzle of autism

April 11, 2013

Emily Hepner Features Writer Awareness ribbons are one of the strongest ways organizations bring attention to their cause; everyone has seen a pink ribbon to raise awareness about breast cancer. For the month of April, . . .

Grandin lecture offers an inside look at autism

March 28, 2010

On March 9, Dr. Temple Grandin came to Millersville University and lectured to a large crowd of students and members of the community at Pucillo gymnasium. Dr. Grandin is an author, speaker, and professor of Animal Science. This is especially impressive considering she has autism, which is characterized by impairments in social interaction and communication, and repetitive behaviors. Dr. Grandin’s intimate knowledge of autism is particularly useful to teachers, psychologists, because she is able to communicate very clearly aspects of autism that many individuals with autism cannot because of the communication deficits inherent in the disorder. . . .

A life with autism: Temple Gradin to lecture

March 4, 2010

Millersville University is known for an intensive and comprehensive education program. And as I walked into my first education class four years ago, Cheryl Desmond’s words stuck with me as soon as I heard them: “People first language, always put your students first.” As I approach the ending of my career at Millersville as an Education Major, nothing could be more true. As I student teach and interact with students on a daily basis I am more than thankful for her kind and encouraging words. Students need encouragement and compassion, and that is just a gem of everything Millersville has taught me about education.
. . .

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