Book Review: Choke

January 28, 2009 0

Chuck Palahniuk is one of those writers with such a clear, distinctive voice that a reader hardly needs to see his name on the cover to know a book is his. His bitterly sarcastic, wacky characters are completely unlike anything else out there. Choke reads much like Fight Club. Victor, the main character of Choke isn’t a mirror image of the narrator/Tyler Durden, but he definitely has similar quirks.

Twilight, step aside

December 3, 2008 0

All of this buzz around the Twilight books has got me thinking about the fantasy series that I grew up loving, and still adore today. Here are my personal top five!

Crichton's legends

November 19, 2008 0

Michael Crichton died last week, and the world lost another great writer. Over his long career he published over 20 books, one which will be released posthumously next year. Many of his books were brought to the big screen, including Jurassic Park, Sphere, and most recently The Andromeda Strain. Not only did his books become movies, but he helped make movies.

Book Review: "Kitchen Confidential"

November 5, 2008 0

If you know who Anthony Bourdain is you probably know him from his show No Reservations on the Travel Channel, and if you know him from there, you know what he’s like.

McEwan = Genius

October 22, 2008 0

Ian McEwan is a genius. He is a bestselling author, he has won awards, and no one can deny that his prose is fantastic. His 2001 novel Atonement has recently been turned into an award-winning film. And he’s done it again. In 2007 his novel On Chesil Beach was published and it is just as memorable as his other novels.

Book Review: "The Gathering"

October 15, 2008 0

Anne Enright’s The Gathering is about family, guilt, alcoholism, love and death. Enright follows the troubles of a large Irish family, specifically 39 year-old Victoria, as they deal with the death of their brother, Liam. Victoria tries to uncover the reasons behind her brother’s suicide, and in the process has to deal with hard truths about her family and childhood.

Wonderful Gore

September 24, 2008 0

Battle Royale is a horrifying, bloody, and completely wonderful book. Koushun Takami’s highly controversial, and violent, first novel was translated into English by Yuji Oniki in 2003 and has since seen much success.

A new twist on Never Never Land

September 17, 2008 0

Everyone knows the story. It sports numerous adaptations and retellings, its characters have become legendary, and it dwells in the heart of every child who is just a bit reluctant to grow up, or every adult who still clings to the memories of childhood and perhaps would not mind becoming a child once more, given the opportunity.

Atonement: The Book

September 17, 2008 0

Ian McEwan’s “Atonement” is now a successful film, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from reading the book. While the film is fantastic, the book still manages to surpass it in greatness.

Savage Mistage

September 10, 2008 0

Finally English speakers can read Roberto Bolaño’s masterpiece novel “The Savage Detectives. Translated into English in 2007 by Natasha Wimmer, “The Savage Detectives” is an epic story spanning two decades and multiple continents.

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