The “P” word: the scandalous topic at MU

April 6, 2016 0

Anastasia Muncie Staff Writer A scandalous topic, something you never would want to speak of in front of your parents. The paraphernalia you hide stealthily in your bag or purse, a solemn “Scarlett Letter” bore

Student Senate sorrows

October 14, 2015 0

Dan Zalewski Staff Writer As a first semester freshmen, I expected that college would have more actively involved clubs and greater involvement by the student body, which, for the most part, is absolutely true. As

Transfer students are not alone

September 17, 2014 0

Brigitte Bradnick Features Writer It is a common feeling to enter Millersville University feeling lost, confused and intimidated. Many transfer students feel this as they begin courses at MU after leaving their previous institution. However,

Non-traditionals: fighting a daily campus stigma

September 17, 2014 0

Marianne Caesar Staff Writer When finishing a summer of sunny days and beach vacations, students often look forward to the mass of students which they will encounter when the fall semester returns. Many students reconnect

A respectful campus

September 17, 2014 0

Emily Reyburn Staff Writer Everybody’s heard of bullying before, but does everybody have the same concept of bullying? Is bullying punching, hitting, kicking someone until they beg for relief? Or, can bullying also be making

Ten tips on making the best of your freshman year

September 10, 2014 0

Raechel Chapman Features Writer Starting college is tough. Moving away from home, living with strangers, adjusting to a whole new schedule and diet are all undeniably stressful. On top of all of these pressures, freshmen

Living on campus: A worthy experience

March 12, 2014 0

Sophie Defaix Staff Writer While I am writing this article, it’s exactly two more months till I go back to the Netherlands. I will miss a lot of things and campus life is definitely one

Adjusting to the college lifestyle

October 2, 2013 0

Julia Maher Staff Writer College is obviously very different from high school. Students live in dorms instead of their homes, food comes from the dining hall rather than their own kitchen, classes are now spread