New A7X CD revealed

September 11, 2013

Luke Helker Staff Writer Heavy metal titans, Avenged Sevenfold (A7X), recently released their new, highly anticipated album titled “Hail to the King.” Their last record, “Nightmare”, came out in 2010 and in the wake of . . .

CD review: Listen to Neil Young

January 28, 2009

Neil Young has been around for a long time. Aside from looking at old publicity photos of Young from the 60s, it’s kind of hard to imagine ol’ Neil as a young man, or as anything less than the rock and roll icon he is today. I mean, dude, Neil Young! Rockin’ in the free world! Harvest! Cinnamon Girl! I think it’s safe to say he’s put out somewhere around 800 albums since the 60s, and this newest live album, “Sugar Mountain,” has quickly become one of my favorites in recent days. . . .

Cooking something not worth eating

November 19, 2008

Why oh why did I decide to review a new release by some American Idol contestant? Well, I must confess, thanks to the internet I have been listening to so much good music lately that I have not been forced to endure much of the dreck that is out there. . . .

The Cure: still living the dream

November 12, 2008

My friend Nelson does concrete for a living and is a pretty gnarly drummer; like, big, thudding, John Bonham drums. He is kind of a “tough guy.” That’s why I was so surprised when, years into our friendship, he “came out of the closet” and admitted that he was a huge Cure fan. I was too! It is not always cool to admit you like the Cure. Maybe it is the association with moping goth kids or the silly imagery or Robert Smith all covered in makeup and acting like a sad, sad girl, but sometimes you have to keep your Cure love on the down-low. . . .

Acid Tongue that speaks volumes

November 5, 2008

Rilo Kiley is the indie-rock band that made Jenny Lewis a household name among the hipster set during the past few years.

Lewis is the rare Hollywood success story, the former TV child-star who avoids the pitfalls of fame and goes on to become a respected singer and songwriter in adulthood.
. . .

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