Commuters are facing an unfair parking arrangement

April 19, 2018

Michael Brockett Staff Writer Parking. It’s an ongoing discussion at Millersville University. The argument has always been there is not enough parking. Administration and MUPD argue that there is plenty of parking, and honestly, there . . .

A place for commuters to unwind

September 10, 2014

Marianne Caesar Features Writer During the United States senatorial nomination of 1858, Abraham Lincoln stated that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” One building on campus, the Philadelphia House, proves this statement to be . . .

Millersville parking: in need of major TLC

October 22, 2013

Catherine Hogue Staff Writer School is now in full swing and so is the infamous game of musical chairs, or, in Millersville students’ cases, musical parking spaces. Commuter and off-campus students who drive to campus . . .