Star Wars Episode VIII Reaction!

October 26, 2017

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor Star Wars Episode VIII has somewhat appeared! There are now two trailers for the movie. I loved the latest trailer. Everything about that trailer was fantastic. There was a lot in . . .

Extra! Extra! “Newsies” moves to theaters

March 4, 2017

Josh Rittberg Staff Writer The filmed production of Disney’s hit musical “Newsies”, which concluded its recording breaking run in movie theaters on February 22nd, left audiences with a smile on their face and a song . . .

“Darth Maul” lives on…thanks to Marvel

February 23, 2017

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor As some may know, “Star Wars” was bought by Disney a few years ago. What some casual fans might not know is that Marvel, also owned by Disney, started a “Star . . .

Students anticipate Superfest

April 21, 2016

Marianne Caesar Staff Writer When the last four weeks of the semester finally arrive, there seems to be an immediate rush to work on last minute projects and stress levels increase. One exciting way to . . .

“Zootopia” entertains with animation

April 15, 2016

Colin VandenBerg Staff Writer It’s understandable if you’re unaware that “Zootopia”—the latest film from Disney animation—was released weeks ago. Disney’s animated features typically come out in November, and by this time of year, people are . . .

Disney is reborn

February 15, 2016

Maria Glotfelter Staff Writer From Alice in Wonderland of 1951 to Frozen of 2013, Disney has brought joy through its films to children and adults alike throughout the decades. When the name Disney is mentioned, . . .

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