Trump revisits venomous rhetoric via Instagram

October 3, 2019

As a journalist, I recognize the unmistakable power of words. The words we use to describe each other have the power to humanize, to dehumanize, and to shape social identities.  On September 18, Donald Trump . . .

Trump’s recent attacks on late John McCain

March 20, 2019

By Nick HughesOpinion Editor John McCain is a name that either brings forth intense anger, happiness, or a sense of mystery. He served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam war, when McCain was . . .

Pyrokinesis in a crowded room

October 31, 2018

Jason Hertz Multimedia Editor The science of human communication is a constant quest for answers. New words are created by members of the public and added to languages every year by respected dictionary publishers. One . . .

The Democratic Blue Wave will fail

September 19, 2018

Caleb Nauman Staff Writer The Democratic Party has been in shambles for well over a decade and maybe even longer with politicians like Bill Clinton moving the party further and further away from its roots, . . .

Steve Bannon’s past could haunt America’s future

February 9, 2017

Robert Beiler Associate Opinion Editor   Steve Bannon, the 63-year-old Chief Strategist for President Donald Trump’s White House and previous executive chair to Breitbart News, is not to be trusted. There’s no other way to . . .

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