Americans love school shootings

February 22, 2018 2

Carl E Schulz Staff Writer In the wake of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 students and staff dead, Americans once again began the cyclical routine we

The impact of social media on body image

December 4, 2013 0

Catherine Hogue Staff Writer With technology making the leaps that it has, a sort of Age of Narcissism has dawned on our society with the introduction of the ‘selfie’ into the mainstream. People have turned

The downfalls of misusing social media

October 17, 2012 0

Danielle Weaver Features Writer In 2008, MU student Stacy Snyder was about to graduate with a teaching degree when she discovered that Millersville was withholding her teaching credential. Because of a picture posted to her

The Alumni Association hosts an online photo competition

January 28, 2010 0

Have you always wanted to be a pirate? Now is your chance to at least pose as one, by participating in the Millersville University Alumni Photo contest.

In an effort to connect with alumni using social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, the Millersville University Alumni Association (MUAA) will be holding a photo contest on their Facebook fan page until May 15, 2010.

The Twilight craze continues…

September 9, 2009 2

Is it the forbidden fantasy? The werewolf versus vampire rivalry? Many of you may be wondering—what kind of story has both young adults and forty-something’s going crazy over fictitious characters and plots? The answer? The