Future professor reflects on her time as a student

April 21, 2016

By Maria Rovito Well, here I am, finally writing my farewell article to both the Snapper and Millersville at the cusp of Summer 2016. Usually, graduating seniors will say their “thank you”s and “goodbye’s” in . . .

Danielle Kreider: Farewell article

April 23, 2014

Danielle Kreider Staff Writer Farewell my dear Snapper.Wow, it’s been a long four and a half years here at Millersville University, and the Snapper has been a huge part of my experience here. Without the . . .

Cat Ardes: Farewell article

April 23, 2014

Cat Ardes Staff Writer You know that gut feeling you get every once in a blue moon that reassures all of your worries you’re doing the right thing? I’ve felt that reassurance from the moment . . .

Chris Norton: Farewell article

April 23, 2014

Chris Norton Staff Writer In my three and a half years with The Snapper, I have grown so close to everyone that I’ve worked with. I never thought, starting as a writer for the Sports . . .

Michael Blackson: Farewell article

April 23, 2014

Michael Blackson Staff Writer I am finally graduating after five years as an English major, journalism concentration, and sociology minor undergraduate. I have to admit; it is a surreal event. I thought they were exclusive . . .

Christian Harding: Farewell article

April 23, 2014

Christian Harding Staff Writer Well, this is it.Back in September of last year, the first article I had written for The Snapper as a senior was called ‘The Last First Article Ever’ (or something along . . .

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