Avengers Infinity War: The End is Near

April 19, 2018 0

Joe Finn Staff Writer If anyone has ever been a Marvel lover or has been following movies recently, you must of heard talk of the upcoming blockbuster, “Avengers: Infinity War.”  One of the most anticipated

Maryland: Visiting the free state

April 11, 2018 0

Patrick Clemens  Staff Writer If we were to take all the geographic diversity, historical landmarks, and bustling urban areas that we have visited so far and pack them into a relatively small state, that state

New York: the city that never sleeps

March 28, 2018 0

Patrick Clemens Staff Writer Upon leaving Connecticut, we enter what is known as the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. They are experienced exactly like they sound — as a mediatory area between chilly New

Millersville’s second Dream Warriors concert

March 28, 2018 0

Alexander Bershtein Staff Writer  The Dream Warriors event was an expressive concert of Native American culture that took place in the Marauder Courts of the Student Memorial Center on Friday, March 2 nd . The

Little Stones advocates for equal gender rights

March 28, 2018 0

Alexander Bershtein Staff Writer Millersville University and the Lancaster community was granted a view to the multi- awarded documentary on advocacy for Women’s Equal rights, Little Stones, on February 28 th before it was presented

Massachusetts: Visiting the Bay State

March 28, 2018 0

Patrick Clemens Staff Writer Massachusetts is the first Commonwealth at which we arrive. This distinction makes the official name of the state the “Commonwealth of Massachusetts.” This title means virtually nothing and is simply a

The World of Cruelty-Free Beauty

February 28, 2018 0

Nya Lewis Staff Writer The year is 2018. Makeup brands have evolved in millions of ways. Heat activated highlighters, magnetic eyelashes, color-changing lipstick are now a thing, yet some brands are still testing on animals.

The Wolf Sanctuary saves and shelters wolves

February 28, 2018 0

Sarah Rettig Staff Writer Through the thick, chilling fog that envelopes the passerby, eight-foot wire fences can be seen trailing along the hundred-acre property of the Wolf Sanctuary in Lititz, Pennsylvania. In the distance, a

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