New Additions Coming to the Star Wars Universe

November 15, 2017 0

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor On November ninth the world was shocked when Lucasfilm released the following statement on their website,, “Lucasfilm is excited to announce that [Rian] Johnson will create a brand- new Star Wars trilogy,

‘Cars 3’ races past predecessor

August 1, 2017 0

Colin Vandenberg Staff Writer    In its 22-year history, Pixar Animation has made a name for itself as a studio that makes movies that parents can enjoy just as much as their kids—with one notable

Guardians sequel considered ‘a more ambitious story’

June 17, 2017 0

Colin Vandenberg Staff Writer  Three categories which have defined summer movies in recent years have been: big-budget blockbusters, sequels, and franchise films. The unofficial first film of the 2017 summer movie season simultaneously represents all

Going crazy for the Batman

April 27, 2017 0

Maria Glotfelter Features Editor With the new “Lego Batman Movie” and what seems an endless stream of new Batman comics, MU students may wonder if the Batman craze will ever die down. I don’t think

‘Confirmation’ tears audiences

April 20, 2016 0

Spencer Goodrich Staff Writer In HBO’s adaptation of the widely known Anita Hill scandal, there are no easy answers and no easy side to pick. Starring Kerry Washington as Hill and Wendell Pierce as the

Rumschpringe Short Film Fest returns for sixth season

October 23, 2013 0

Cat Ardes Arts & Culture Editor Lancaster’s art community is well known for bringing unique events and diverse groups of its residents together for the sake of art. This year, Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival

State of modern film

October 9, 2013 0

Christian Harding Staff Writer If you’re like me, then nothing is more simultaneously grating and unnerving than having to constantly hear about the supposed “Death of Film”–or at least what is currently being interpreted as

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