Hobbs Hall Strives to be Greenest Dorm on Campus

April 20, 2010

With over 500 pounds of bottle caps and 86 ink cartridges collected, Hobbs Hall is the greenest dorm on campus.

Graduate Assistant Josh Belice and Resident Assistant Julie Hughes took a trip to Montreal. They visited the Botanical Gardens and the BioDome to see how different parts of the world are becoming more environmentally friendly. All the RAs in Hobbs encourage their residents to use just five minutes of water while showering. That means turning the water off while you wash your body, or while you wash your hair. . . .

Dutcher preview

September 9, 2009

Millersville University Theater is kicking off the semester with a favorite from the end of the previous one. Incoming freshman and upperclassmen alike will enjoy this thought-provoking tale. “Booby Trap”, which was featured at the end of last semester, will be showing again Sept. 10 & 11. . . .