Navigating the internship process

February 12, 2014

Ali Chiavetta Features Writer Now that the semester is in full swing, it is time for students to start searching for summer internships. The process for receiving an academic internship starts at the Experiential Learning . . .

Argument for interns

October 9, 2013

Drew Becker Staff Writer Internships are regarded by many as a stepping stone to a student’s first post-collegiate career. In today’s job market, if one wants a lucrative first job, they are nearly essential. Many . . .

Internships at MU

September 26, 2012

Anne Shaffer Assistant Features Editor In a follow-up to last week’s job hunting article, this edition expands upon the topic of securing a job in a recession economy by emphasizing an aspect of employment that . . .

Go After Your Dreams with Internships

September 9, 2009

Internships are awesome. Especially when you do one where one had not previously existed.

This summer, I spent my time doing my dream job. I got to combine two of my favorite things, all while getting paid. . . .