‘Fake News:’ Media are the enemy

October 31, 2018 0

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor “The media has a responsibility to set a civil tone.” This is what President Donald Trump said during a rally at Wisconsin. It might be time for Trump to take his

Nine-year-old journalist harassed by old-school haters

April 14, 2016 0

Julia M. Snyder Associate News Editor Nine-year-old reporter Hilde Kate Lysiak has received copious amounts of negative feedback about her coverage of a murder that occurred in her hometown. The aspiring investigative reporter was the

The revelations of investigative journalism

April 6, 2016 0

Miah’ Shepperson Staff Writer Of all the various forms of media, there has never been one more vitally important to society than that of investigative journalism. However, until the 1960’s law did not protect investigative

Don’t believe everything you read

November 18, 2014 0

John Villarose VI Staff Writer This just in: President Obama wants to raise taxes on children and give all of our jobs, money and guns to whatever country we don’t like right now. If you

Strum visits MU

December 4, 2013 0

Tyler Gehman Staff Writer Wearing a conservative jacket and wire-rimmed glasses, Chuck Strum spoke softly yet confidently to the crowd of twenty or so students in a forgotten room at Millersville University. His energy level

Skyping with author Brooke Gladstone

November 13, 2013 0

Catherine Hogue Features Writer Brooke Gladstone, author of The Influencing Machine, Millersville’s 2012 campus pick for the One Book program, talked with a classroom of Millersville University students Monday, Nov. 4. The 12 or so

Journalism in trouble

March 31, 2010 2

This may be hard for everyone to handle. Make sure that if you are not already sitting down, you do so at this time (also keep all hands and feet inside the tram at all times, but I digress). Are you ready for this? Take it or leave it but journalism is in big trouble.

The writer behind "Carnal knowledge" lectures

March 4, 2010 0

Controversy in the field of journalism often keeps many journalists from writing what they really think, or even stating the truth because of the fear of the backlash they may receive from people who may find whatever subject they are writing about offensive.

Why do we not have a solid Journalism Program?

January 28, 2010 0

As Editor-in-Chief of The Snapper, I get to see journalism at work. The articles come in, the copy editors do a great job of fixing them up for publication, and the section editors compile them to be printed.

The Snapper is a paper for the students, by the students. The problem we come face-to-face with every day is the lack of journalistic knowledge. This is by no means the students’ fault. The program supposedly provided for us is hardly in any shape for students to follow.