Tell Me More Ep. 4: “International students”

December 12, 2019

In this episode, Dr. Spicer talks with Features Editor Carly O’Neill and Associate Features Editor Simren Shah about international students attending Millersville and helping homeless women in Lancaster city.

Lancaster serves up autumn bites

November 7, 2019

Sydney ClarkAssociate Arts & Culture Editor Millersville students are at an advantage by having a college campus so close to downtown Lancaster. With all of their local cafes, Lancaster is a great way to experience . . .

Banning Straws is a good first step

October 31, 2018

Sky Meade Staff Writer As humans, we create a lot of trash, whether it’s from eating plastic-wrapped food or drinking from plastic bottles. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, each person creates about 4.4 pounds . . .

The cure to cabin fever on campus

September 20, 2018

Zoe Berrier                 Living on a college campus is great, and there is a lot of convenience to the lifestyle, but along with that can come a sort of ‘campus fever’ if you will. Often, it . . .

Zenkaikon makes triumphant return to Lancaster

April 25, 2018

Nick Hughes  Opinion Editor In the year 2013, a convention came to Lancaster. Zenkaikon made its first appearance at the Lancaster City convention center in 2013 and has had the convention there ever since. The . . .

Issei: An Asian fusion paradise

April 19, 2018

Zoe Berrier Associate Features Editor  For anyone who likes Asian cuisine and bowls Issei Noodle restaurant in Lancaster city is the spot. This little eatery is tucked inside a building at 44 North Queen street. . . .

A new gaming kingdom arises in Lancaster city

April 11, 2018

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor A new store opened in Lancaster this week. FarboCo is a game store that specializes in table-top games, trading card games, and various other types of games. Located on East King . . .

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