Avengers Infinity War: The End is Near

April 19, 2018

Joe Finn Staff Writer If anyone has ever been a Marvel lover or has been following movies recently, you must of heard talk of the upcoming blockbuster, “Avengers: Infinity War.”  One of the most anticipated . . .

“Darth Maul” lives on…thanks to Marvel

February 23, 2017

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor As some may know, “Star Wars” was bought by Disney a few years ago. What some casual fans might not know is that Marvel, also owned by Disney, started a “Star . . .

Comic book stores that are not Amazon

January 27, 2017

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor In the month of June 2015, a store opened called Fourth Wall Comics. It is owned by Jared Wolf and Jim and Jeff Mathison. The store is located in the Manor . . .