Following up: Intramural Softball

April 15, 2016 0

Kat Wible Staff Writer Since the last time we spoke of the infamous Team Meal Plan, they were 0 and 1, having only lost that one fateful game to the Pounders. Team Meal Plan has

Looking at intramurals

March 30, 2016 0

Kat Wible Staff Writer When the cameras are put away and the lights in the studio go out, most broadcasting majors head home to their dorms to finish up on homework. Most students aren’t like

New meal plan enacted

October 15, 2015 0

Julia Snyder Associate News Editor Dining Services has altered the meal plan to better fit the needs of Millersville students. The previous reorganization of the meal plan in the retail dining centers started the semester

New meal plan combos cause controversy, distress

October 6, 2015 0

Julia Snyder Associate News Editor Proper nutrition guidelines dictate that healthy individuals should eat at least three meals a day in order to properly sustain themselves. Bearing this in mind, it’s no surprise that a

On the gluten-free lifestyle

April 2, 2014 0

Sophie Defaix Staff Writer I have always thought that campus food is pretty decent at Millersville. Before I came to the United States, I expected it to be way worse than it actually is. I

In defense of the meal plan

April 2, 2014 0

Anthony Jadus Senate Recorder “You are what you eat,” is an old-time saying that has some truth to it if you look at it in its most basic form. The healthier you eat, and the