MLB controversies and scandals

May 8, 2013

Ryan Woerner Staff Writer In the middle of the so called “Steroid Era,” cheating accusations in baseball are abundant. When star players are suspended year after year when they test positive for Performance Enhancing Drugs . . .

Phillies on the verge of a comeback

September 19, 2012

Brooke Stephens Sports Writer The Phillies, ranked 17th in Major League Baseball (MLB) and 3rd in for the National League (NL) East, are beginning to kick it into gear with the possibility of making the . . .

Yes, Pittsburgh still has a baseball team

April 8, 2009

It has been 16 years since the Pittsburgh Pirates have had a winning season. The last time was in 1992 when I was five years old. Mark Whalberg was still Marky Mark and the Power Rangers were to debut on TV in a year. That was with the pre-soap opera Bonds who played with a wealth of talent around him on a team led by the great Jim Leyland. . . .

Can the Phillies do the impossible?

October 22, 2008

I was eight years old when the Philadelphia Phillies last made it to the World Series. I was so excited as I anxiously waited for the first pitch of the first game of the series. . . .

Phillies-team of mystery and inconsistency

September 4, 2008

Who are these people? Those guys that have been wearing the jerseys that say “Phillies” on the front all summer.

I have watched this team take the field almost daily this season. This is a team that I considered the favorite to win the National League East from spring training and assumed that would be the case. . . .

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