Blue phones provide peace of mind

November 18, 2014

Kelsey Bundra News Editor While walking around campus, you may wonder about the purpose of blue boxes with the red button. These blue phones are emergency call boxes. If a student presses the button, he . . .

Parking changes on campus affect students

November 18, 2014

Nathan Curry Contributing Writer Parking on Millersville University’s campus can seem scarce for students. Some students blame the shortage of parking spots on the increase of professor parking spots that cover up the student parking . . .

Millersville gets hairy

November 12, 2014

Joseph Roehm Staff Writer Where to begin. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The leaves are falling, the ducks are flying south and the swans are cuddling more than ever. This also means that the . . .

MUPD provides ride-along program

December 4, 2013

Zachary Staab Staff Writer Like many departments on campus, Millersville University’s Police Department (MUPD) is understaffed and struggling with insufficient financial support. “In the last few years,” said Patrol Sargent Flood, “we have had to . . .

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