Millersville boasts online program

October 6, 2017 0

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor Affordable Colleges online, which is a website that ranks colleges based on various criteria, has ranked Millersville University at the 25 th spot with greatest lifetime on return investment (ROI.) According

“Dr. Ahpra” disappoints

March 4, 2017 1

Nick Hughes  Opinion Editor The comic, “Dr. Ahpra”, is a well done piece, but it lacks the Star Wars appeal that one would expect from such a well-received Marvel comic. Spoilers ahead for the Darth

“Darth Maul” lives on…thanks to Marvel

February 23, 2017 2

Nick Hughes Opinion Editor As some may know, “Star Wars” was bought by Disney a few years ago. What some casual fans might not know is that Marvel, also owned by Disney, started a “Star