A podcast beyond time

April 12, 2017

Grant Pearsall Staff Writer Podcasting is a medium that has resoundingly come into its own. Once exclusively the purview of the tech-savvy geek-chic, the format has blossomed in recent years. Today, podcasts offer entertainment/education across . . .

NPR discusses Millersville University's efforts to retain students

September 16, 2009

The Class of 2013 consists of hundreds of new freshmen entering the ranks of Millersville’s student body. Some of their minds are set on noticing the aspects of transitioning from high school to college. While others are more focused on handling the new concept of being away from home for school rather than being mere blocks away. Many are coordinating their partying schedules accurately, considering classes as a priority or not. Freshmen view and handle their ordeals with alternative methods; the main dilemma is retaining and preserving their interest with college to graduate with their respective degrees. Like any other college, Millersville is ramping up efforts to retain students at all costs. . . .