Third-Annual Pride Fest hoists colors of rainbow

October 19, 2016

Michael Brockett Business Manager As students returned to campus after fall break, they were welcomed back with a tradition that is relatively new here at Millersville University. For the third year, the Center for Student Involvement and . . .

Who will be president? Likely not Jill Stein or Gary Johnson

October 19, 2016

Rebecca Stahl Staff Writer The presidential election, this year, is anything but ordinary. There have been several scandals surrounding Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, among unwanted publicity around the world, which makes candidates like Jill Stein and . . .

Why do women run from office?

October 19, 2016

Taylor Cole Arts & Culture Editor In less than a month, Americans will run to their nearest voting booth to vote for our next President of the United States, a pretty normal occurrence that happens every . . .