Pet therapy introduces a few new friends

April 25, 2018 0

Alexander Bershtein Staff Writer Although many students are stressed and debating whether to look forward to the last week of the semester, there is three days of puppy-love and cat-curiousness that they definitely can. As

Alleviating stress during finals

January 27, 2017 0

Maria Glotfelter Features Editor It is a stressful time of the semester for both professors and students alike. With finals looming in the not so distant future, it is easy for everyone to feel overwhelmed

KPETS: Touching lives and warming hearts

October 8, 2014 0

Christine Illes Associate Photo Editor If you happened to stop by the Wellness Fair that occurred campus this past week, chances are you would have seen a group of vested furry friends being pet by

Pet therapy coming soon to MU

May 1, 2013 0

Nicole Schaffer Features Writer Pets are important members of our lives. Every day, they entertain us and enhance our daily activities. Walking through the front door becomes synonymous with the jingle of a collar, wet